Day 7: Varsity Round Up

The closing day of Varsity was a whitewash with Kent taking all points on offer. The 5K run opened the day and UKC swiftly collected 3 points for Team Kent. The action then shifted to the Christ Church’s sports centre with Netball and Basketball taking centre stage.

Netball 4s were the first of the day. It was a comfortable win from the start with very few changes needed throughout the game. The final score was 54 - 16! Netball 3s followed in similar fashion. The first quarter was the closest of the game. Despite this, the 3s maintained their lead throughout to finally end with 40 - 23 result. The stakes were raised when the 2s took to the court. Onlookers were left on the edge of their seats as the closest match up of the day kicked off. It wasn’t until the second half that UKC were able to stretch their lead to a comfortable 34 - 30 final result. The last of the day was the first team. With the pressure of the previous teams wins on their shoulders, UKC 1s stepped up to finish Kent Netball’s day with a glorious four out of four wins. A shaky start was quickly overcome after the second quarter ending with a mammoth 62 -19 win.

Over at Kingsmead, Swimming was well underway. UKC dominated throughout. With the exception of one race, a Kent swimmer took gold at every opportunity. This success left UKC to pick up an 85 - 51 victory against their Varsity rivals.

The closing fixture of Varsity 2020 was the much-anticipated return of UKC Men’s Basketball. The showstopping performance the team had promised us was manifested and resulted in the UKC winning 89 - 63. There were few signs that Christ Church could win, with Kent securing an early lead which was maintained throughout. A truly exciting game which encapsulated the overall feeling of varsity 2020 - superior clean play from Kent which dominated the game throughout.