Kent Swimming blow Christ Church out of the water

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Team Kent dgeominated in the pool as they took home an 85-51 victory against Canterbury Christ Church, to take home all 3 available Varsity points on the final day of the competition. A Kent swimmer finished in first place in every singles race, apart from the opening race of the day, in a competition that was hardly in the balance for the duration.

The truth about this event is that it was something as a formality, out of the ten individual races, Kent took home a one-two in seven of them, with a CCCU swimmer only not finishing dead last on one occasion.

This did not necessarily look the case in the first race, as one of the most competitive races of the day saw Luke Gunning finish 2nd and James Boots come 3rd in one of the most tight races of the day, as it came right down to the wire, but even then the Christ Church 2nd seed was left entirely in their wake.

From there on in UKC monopolised the top step of the podium, as Christ Church struggled to keep up with them, and often the closest competitor to Team Kent’s 1st seed, was their 2nd seed, with Elloise Clements in the women’s 50-metre backstroke, and Daniella Shipley in the women’s 50-metre front stroke actually upsetting the 1st seed to take victory as the 2nd seed swimmer.

The relays were, unsurprisingly, no different to the individual races, as Kent took victory in the Men’s, women’s, and mixed 4x50 medley relay, then winning the men’s and women’s 4x50 front stroke relay, also finishing 3rd in the men’s and 2nd in the women’s, as their teams split into two.

There was, however, one final sign of the Kent dominance as we closed on a full team relay, in which the Christ Church team was lapped on two occasions over the course of the 16 participants.

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