No, the University doesn't have any confirmed cases of Coronavirus

Image Courtesy of: James Onyema, remz.

The University of Kent have confirmed that there are no cases of Coronavirus on campus, after rumours that a house in Parkwood was evacuated.

A video surfaced on Snapchat which appeared to show three people in hazmat suits entering student accommodation around Purchas Court, in Parkwood, at midday yesterday.

However, the University have confirmed that is not the case.

A spokesperson for the University of Kent said: "We believe there are students who were using the on-campus crime scene training facility operated by the forensics programme.

"I can confirm that we do not and have not had any confirmed cases of Coronavirus on campus."

The video has since been widely distributed and posted on the Instagram page KentLoveFess.

The rumours came as the Union announced that the much awaited ILOVETOUR Sports event was cancelled - shortly after VP for Student Engagement Emily Window ensured students that it wouldn't be affected.

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