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Today, participants of the Universities sports tour were told by email that the tour had been cancelled amidst the ongoing spread of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus.

ILoveTour, the travel company organizing the tour, sent an email at 10:15am this morning stating that they had taken the decision to cancel all tours to Croatia in 2020 after previously cancelling its tours to Italy. It cited changes in Croatian government policy which has banned all gatherings above 1000 people and mandated a 14-day isolation period.

ILOVETOUR stated: “We are not willing to take any risks with your health and safety, and do not want to leave it any closer to your travel date before making this decision in order to limit the amount of inconvenience this may cause you.”

The email also stated that Tour goers would receive a full refund as this cancellation counted as a major event and there are no other feasible travel alternatives available. Refunds will be processed within 14 days in line with the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) guidelines.

ILoveTour had previously stated it was pressing ahead with the Croatian Tour with an email going to tour leaders as recently as Monday stating that all 3 weeks of the Croatian tours were going ahead.

This comes in the wake of school trips being cancelled around the country and the university cancelling travel to countries affected.

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