75-18 UKC win Varsity after change to scoring system

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After an intense week of match fixtures and competitions, Varsity has come to a close. With the addition of new sports and societies, as well as a change in the scoring system – the reason why Kent tallied a huge score of 72 against Canterbury Christ Church’s 18. If you missed out on any events, here is an update for everything you missed.

Although their match was not within the official Varsity week, the Kent Falcon’s victory is well worth mentioning. They beat CCCU once again, 22-0. Their defence was on point. The first match of Varsity started UKC off solidly with 3 points.

The first official day of the Varsity week kicked off with Women’s Rugby, UKC winning the fixture 38-15. Men’s Rugby finished off the day, not allowing CCCU to score a single try with a finishing score of 36-0 to UKC. This brought six points for Kent, the Varsity score being 9-0 to UKC on the opening day.

The second day – nicknamed manic Monday – started with Men’s 1s and 2s Tennis competing in Tennis Polo Farm. In the Men’s 1st Team, UKC won all their matches bar one. Men’s 2nd also brought victory for UKC with a 5-0 win. This led Kent to receive a solid five points. All four Hockey teams also competed throughout the day, with Men’s 1s scoring 5 compared to C4’s 2. The Women’s 2s battered CCCU 16-0. However, the club’s victory was stolen during the Men’s 2s match, in which CCCU scored a winner in the last minute, winning 2-1. Women’s Hockey 1s unfortunately lost out against CCCU, a tight game throughout. These wins and losses ended up with UKC Hockey bringing home five points for UKC, but CCCU stealing these five points back. Men’s Football also had several fixtures, with Men’s 4s – Rutherford Raiders – playing a tight game throughout but CCCU piping it to the post to bring the score to 2-1 meaning that UKC lost their winning title from last year. However, UKC Men’s 3s smashed their match, continuing on their win from last year. One point to CCCU and UKC respectively. The day finished UKC 11-6 CCCU. This pushed the overall score up to 20-6.

The third day of Varsity was filled with success for UKC. All three Badminton teams began the day strong, Women’s Badminton winning 8-0, a huge victory. But this was not the only success to be shouted about by UKC Badminton. Men’s 1s and Men’s 2s also won 8-0 to CCCU, in what can only be described as a whitewash. This gave UKC another six points. Women’s Volley was a short match, with UKC Volleyball winning all three of their sets, continuing on their winning title from last year and awarding UKC three points. Sadly, the Ju-Jitsu match was cancelled because CCCU was unable to field a team, meaning that three points were automatically conceded to UKC. Trampolining was a longer competition than most, due to individual competitions and doubles. The final score was incredibly close, but UKC brought home the bacon yet again. A final three points to UKC. CCCU, however, stole a win against UKC in Kayaking. However, as this was the new sport to Varsity, it is non-point scoring. Halfway through Varsity, and the score is already a whopping 35-6 to UKC.

Varsity’s fourth day was filled with back-to-back cricket matches. Men’s Cricket 2s won against CCCU, maintaining their winning title from last year. Men’s 1s UKC won for the first time in several years, a great achievement for the club. Sadly, Women’s Cricket lost their winning title from last year. But they have said they are ready to reclaim victory in Outdoor Varsity next term. This gave CCCU three points but UKC five. Climbing, one of the new fixtures, also snatched up a win for UKC. Although non-point scoring, a promising start for next year’s team. Yet, for Pole Fitness, CCCU carried their win over to this year, smashing UKC in their routines and gaining a point for UKC. But Dance brought back the win for UKC, winning for the third year in a row and giving Kent three points. The day’s overall score was 8-6 to UKC, bringing the total up to 43-12.

The fifth day started with Women’s 1st Team lost their winning title from last year in Tennis, handing over the winner’s board to CCCU. It continued on with E-Sport, a new fixture to Varsity. Although terribly organised and long, due to a glitch in the system that left spectators waiting for the action to continue. Despite circumstances, UKC still came out on top, winning all games bar one. Non-point scoring yet again. Kent Snow, unbeaten, won yet again against CCCU. The day ended with pool & snooker, another new fixture, which had UKC blazing in glory with a csore of 8-6. The day’ fs overall score was 3-3, bringing the score up to 46-15. The sixth day was a jam-packed home day. It started with Women’s Lacrosse, who withheld their undefeated title with a 14-6 score against CCCU. Men’s Lacrosse followed the winning streak, also undefeated against CCCU. Equestrian, the only away fixture, stole the title from last year’s CCCU team and nabbed three points for Kent. Meanwhile, on the grass pitch, Men’s Rugby maintained their winning title with another three points for UKC. Arguably, the highlight of the day was UKC Women’s Football snatching the title after nine years of hurt to CCCU. However, CCCU Men’s Football 1s brought their A game and booted UKC off the pitch in penalties. The overall day score was 14-3 to UKC, bringing the total up to 60-18.

Although UKC had already won Varsity after Women’s Lacrosse’s win, all was still tense for Park Wood Run, Netball, Swim, and Basketball on the final day. But, UKC had a clean sweep with Netball winning all four of their matches. The Park Wood run was also a victory for Kent, another three points to the table. UKC Swim also swam to keep their winning title afloat, which they successfully achieved. Men’s Basketball was all to play for; Kent finally back in the game after being disqualified last year. They put on a show for their fans and won 89-63 against CCCU. The final day score was 16-0 to Kent.

The final Varsity score was a huge 75-18 to UKC.

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