Basketball Back and Better than Ever

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With a knockout win for UKC, the Men’s Basketball game was the perfect ending to a triumphant Varsity week. A two-year build-up, after having their varsity cancelled last year created quite an atmosphere, with plenty of tension between both the spectators and the players. Despite the pressure, our boys didn’t fold. The first 5 seconds where no.11 Ed Medcalf scored two easy points were any indication this would be a breeze for them.

The first quarter stayed relatively calm, with UKC dominating and gaining a 17-point lead (UKC 33-16 CCCU). But as the scores for UKC got ever higher and C4 struggled to level up in the second quarter, friction within CCCU came to a head with two of their players arguing on the court and others having to step in. Leading with 50-29 at the end of the first half, including a consecutive two three-pointers from no.30 (Termon Serrant). UKC began to relax with the thought of an almost certain win settling in.

The second half starts, as CCCU uses the pressure of a loss in an attempt to push back. Hostility rises between teams, with opposing players provoking each other on the court, but, despite their attempts, C4 falls even further with the third quarter ultimately ending in a 31-point lead to UKC (UKC 73-42 CCCU).

The final quarter begins as C4 still tries to even the scores, scoring 21 points, yet, through the cheers of their spectators for each point they gain, the UKC boys taunt them, pointing to the scoreboard as a reminder of their impending loss. As the game pauses with just seconds to go and UKC holding the ball, Kent’s boys let the clock run out and begin to celebrate their phenomenal win (UKC 89-63 CCCU). Basketball rounded up Varsity week with a tension-filled victory for UKC.

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