Pool pockets the win

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The games were American Pool, Pool, and Snooker. Neither team had all teammates wearing memorabilia/uniform(?) So finding the game, amongst regulars of Cousins, and keeping track of it was a task.

Overall, both University of Kent and Christ Church University seemed very relaxed about the tournaments. Both teams considered and took their time with shots.

Both teams utilised the basics of trick shots, but UKC had one team mate who could put an clean spin on the white ball and this skill was used often throughout the tournament. The player was familiar and confident in this skill. UKC on the other hand had a habit of hitting the white ball very close to the table, almost as if to chip it. One of their players seemed neglect hitting the ball central. However, they did have players that were confident and had a few decent tricks up their sleeve.

Both teams did shine best during doubles pool. The communication of teammate to teammate was taken seriously and both teams openly deliberated and determined their turns. There were moments where each team made questionable shots, like UKC potting a snookered pocket rather than pursuing other possibilities. But still the UKC team had some excellent members who were confident in powered and accurate pots, which gained them a lead. And then overall contributed to their win.

I think this pool review needs another look at, there definitely needs to be more editing overall as it seems very unserious and doesn’t really define the pool event that well. There also needs to be a variety rather than using “both teams” at the start of a lot of sentences! I can help you with this if needs be as I was there but let me know if you’re struggling.

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