Hockey Men's 1's stun in 3 point win for Team Kent

March 5, 2020

 Image courtesy of Inquire Media 


With the Men’s Hockey 1’s first to set up the hockey matches at 11:00, they set the bar high. Speed and suspense sum up the UKC Men’s 1’s match. A 5-2 victory over CCCU and three points to add to the UKC leaderboard. UKC had first push back, but CCCU were pressing hard. The interplay between the defence and midfield for UKC did not falter, with smooth transitions through to Number 80, Seth Coode, running down the right-hand side to drive it up the pitch. Aerials also came to the scene on both sides, to stretch the pitch.


However, no one was going to stop Number 17, Louis Parker, who pushed the gas pedal and took the ball through the middle of the pitch. Later, Parker demonstrated superb play again in the middle dodging 3 opponents with some sharp 3D Skills.


Paddy Brookson, despite being sent off in the final two minutes, also highlighted his slick skills crossing the ball through CCCU’s legs. More attempts to get the ball up the pitch, eventually landed UKC a short corner. Lovely injection up to the top man with a drag flick and the UKC supporters applauded and whistled with delight. A last-minute flick against UKC, and CCCU entered the score board. A 1-1 draw at half time, the pressure was on.


The second half witnessed slipping and sliding as the rain came and went. A few disputes between players and umpires, it was clearly starting to heat up. A goal by C4 with a run up on the left-hand side sparked a reaction in UKC. Shortly afterwards, UKC sealed the deal in two short corners, both drag flicks again from the top man. However, loose one-handed tackles by both sides started to show the tension, but it was UKC who remained on top form.


The game finally came to a close with the score of 5 - 2 to Kent. 



 Video courtesy of Meg Warwick  


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