University announces 'no detriment' policy after student pressure

Image courtesy of: Ainy Shiyam

The University has agreed to implement a ‘no detriment’ policy, following a campaign ran by students.

The move came as a result of students’ growing concerns over the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on university life, its extent highlighted by a petition launched in March, which saw 3,000 signatures.

Kent student and the creator of the petition, Zara Fenlon, stated: “Families are sick, people are dying, and students are expected to continue to prepare for online exams as though nothing is happening.”

Other Universities have since implemented their own policies, some Russell group members such as the University of Cambridge have had their final exams cancelled entirely.

Zara outlined the necessity of having such a policy, by referring to it as a ‘safety net’ for students to be able to ‘put their minds at rest’.

The policy means that UKC students will not receive a lower grade than their overall average, so long as they achieve higher than the pass mark.

The safety net may not apply to those who take courses outside the University’s internal grading system, however, the University advises these students to contact their schools accordingly.

An email has been sent to UKC students in the form of a letter confirming the change, which was signed by Professor Christina Hughes and the students’ union president Sasha Langeveldt.

In the letter, Sasha and Professor Hughes state: “In such uncertain times, we hope that this is one thing less for you to worry about.”