How one GIF ended Twitter

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As we all know, Twitter is one large battleground where many people who have never met argue over topics in which they are all misinformed. These debates could easily go on forever as people refuse to back down and relentlessly defend whatever opinion they garnered from the Daily Mail. At least, that used to be what Twitter was like. All that changed when something with absolutely unrelated to the social media platform occurred.

As Kylian Mbappe scored his first goal in a 4-0 thumping of Marseille in Ligue 1 on 27th October last year, little did he know but he would change Twitter forever. The French marksman decided to celebrate putting Paris Saint Germain 3 goals up by mimicking a crying baby straight to the camera at the side of the pitch. This celebration, which he cleared up was a private joke among his friends, has become the most devastating move in an online argument that the world has ever known.

This GIF is like a successful Hail Mary pass in the dying moments of an American football match or the use of an atomic bomb. When everything seems lost, you can always rely on Mbappe to dig you out of a hole and it literally cannot fail.

There is no scenario in which the use of this GIF does not work. Take any topic for debate and this GIF is an instant checkmate. You could be talking about which type of bread is the best and if all seems lost and their arguments have you backed into a corner then just respond with Mbappe crying and suddenly the tables have turned. It is like Jiu-Jitsu, you used their own argument against them to destroy them, as all of a sudden, they are no longer correct and just seem salty. Just sit back and watch the desperation from your adversary, you do not need to respond anymore. You have won.

Much like the nuclear weapons that I have already likened this GIF to, this must be used with restraint and only in the most desperate of situations as once used, the other person will never be able to recover the dignity you have just taken from them. It’s like the line that the millions of iterations of Spiderman movies have woefully underused, ‘with great power, comes great responsibility.’

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