UKC Classical Liberal Society investigated over offensive images


The UKC Classical Liberal Society is under investigation after posting “offensive” and transphobic content to their Facebook page.

The political society, previously known as Liberty Union, posted several offensive ‘memes’ to its official Facebook, some of which were anti-LGBTQ.

Aldo Manella, the Vice-President for Student Engagement at Kent Union, said: “We are investigating this offensive material as a matter of urgency and will deal with it accordingly.

“Kent Union does not tolerate any behaviour that goes against our value of inclusivity.”

The images include a graphic historical photo taken in 1942, showing a Russian spy being executed by a Nazi German soldier in Finland.

Image Courtesy of: Claudia Sofia

The society drew national attention in 2019 when it emerged that a social media chat involving high-profile members of the group had engaged in racist and Islamophobic conversations, according to the anti-hate watchdog Hope Not Hate.

The society was disbanded and later reformed into UKC Classical Liberals the following year.

Other images included anti-trans and LGBTQ+ rhetoric.

Image courtesy of: Claudia Sofia

Kent Union is yet to receive a list of committee members or the necessary paperwork needed in order to establish the society at the start of term.

However, their official Facebook page has still been active in the past week.

Image Courtesy of: Claudia Sofia

On other occasions, the society has released articles agreeing with JK Rowling’s controversial stance on trans women.

JK Rowling received criticism for releasing an anti-trans detective novel under the pen name Robert Galbraith – the name of a doctor who ran gay conversion therapy procedures in the United States.

The UKC LGBTQ+ Society has been approached for comment.

The UKC Classical Liberal Society has refrained from commenting on the investigation.