Two UKC students test positive for Covid-19, University announces

Image courtesy of: Marianne Martin

The University of Kent has confirmed two positive cases of Covid-19 on the Canterbury campus.

The students are in self-isolation on campus and their close contacts have been informed, according to an email sent to all University of Kent Students earlier today.

InQuire has reached out to a student who lives in Park Wood and shares accommodation with one of the students who’s tested positive.

They said: “It feels like a prison sentence with a great uncertainty of when I’ll be released.

“It’s an invisible enemy and every time I step outside to get my food from the door I start to feel weird.”

They mentioned that they have been ordering takeaways instead of cooking in order to avoid using the communal kitchen.

The student added: “I think the University should’ve made a Coronavirus unit for positive students on campus and made the flatmates/housemates isolate for 14 days separately.”

In a statement made to all students, Gary Hughes, the head of press relations at the University, said: “we can confirm that it is our expectation that we will continue to deliver our teaching and services in a blended way – both online and in person.”

“The health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff remains our top priority, and we have measures in place across the campus to limit the spread of Covid-19.

“We would like to remind all members of the University of the need to adhere to Government Guidelines.”

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