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For the past few years, makeup trends have focused on beaming highlights and lip looks. Thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks, high-shine glosses and liners have taken the industry by storm. Whilst Covid-19 has stolen many of our everyday norms, it has also significantly altered the way we are approaching our beauty routines and cosmetic needs. Now, it is all about the eyes and enhancing the features that are on display.

Below is a guide to the easiest eye makeup tips and tricks to make eyes pop, and keep your look fresh.

Preparation is key:

Puffy and dehydrated eyes are a symptom of student life; whether it is late night study sessions or too many pink gins a well nourished eye area is crucial. Eye masks packed with vitamin-c and hyaluronic acid will do the trick - especially if kept in the fridge. Simply apply them before base application and your under-eye concealer will glide on like a dream.

As a base try using an eye cream targeted towards your skin concerns for lasting hydration. A brightening eye cream or gel will lighten the load of those dark circles and provide a beautiful base for primers.

Recommended products:

PIXI BeautifEYE Vitamin-C eye patches - £22 (30 pairs)

Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Balm - £4.02 (15ml)

To wing, or not to wing:

Enhancing shape means liner is a must. For a sharp and edgy look, liquid or gel liner with a clean feline flick is the way to go.

An all time favourite is a smoked out, feline shape achieved with an eye pencil. And you can build it up for a more dramatic night look and pull the shape out and up to elongate the eyes.

Feeling bold? Line the lower lash line with a colour. Berry or gem tones are perfect for Autumn-Winter.

Recommended products:

NYX Professional Matte Liquid Liner - £10 (15g)

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeliner - £19 (1.2g)

Don’t betray the brows:

The days of the slug brow may be over, but let us not neglect their powers of framing the face. A lightly defined, fluffy brow is in, and this can be achieved with a sharp brow pencil gently tracing the natural shape. And then finishing with a quick comb through with gel to keep the brows lifted and fluffy.

Recommended products:

Soap and Glory 2-in-1 Brow Archery Sculpting Crayon and Setting Gel - £10

MAC Brow Set - £16.50

Makeup must have:

Your mascara needs to be long wearing and humidity proof to prevent the warm air from your mask melting it and leaving dark smudges around your eyes. Curl the lashes, and apply two coats, wiggling the brush from root to tip to avoid clumps.

Recommended products:

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push up Lashes - £23 (10ml)

Benefit BADgal Bang Waterproof Mascara – £22.50 (8.5ml)

The finishing touches:

And lastly, the inner corner highlight, or ‘eye strobing’. A top-trick for making any eye-look pop. Opt for pearl and champagne tones and you can not go wrong. Additionally, highlighting the waterline with a white or nude liner, will make eyes brighter and bigger. Perfect for achieving the Bambi eyes of our dreams.

Recommended products:

By Beauty Bay Crayon Eyeliner in Vanilla - £5

Wet ‘n’ Wild Colour Icon Stick in Champagne Room - £4.25

Hopefully at least one thing in this article has been enlightening on how you can redirect your makeup to your now most prominent and actually visible features. Let us know via our Instagram - @inquirekent.

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