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Most students have two things in common: we are on a tight budget and our bedrooms are, for at least for one year of our studies, tiny. For those of us looking to get in better shape and feel more energetic and active in our days at uni we turn to working out a few days a week. But for the majority right now (during COVID-19) gyms are not always the best option and exercising from home does not feel the same. At home workouts are one of the most convenient ways to keep fit and should not be a last resort. And with not enough space to stretch out on the floor excuses can be easily made.

Hopefully these four tips can help improve that mentality:

Keeping quiet:

Low impact workouts are not only good for our joints/injuries but also for keeping neighbours happy. Crunch squats, planks, downward dog push-ups and lunges are all great. Nobody wants to jump or squat around their bedroom at the best of times and especially when your roommate is watching bakeoff next door! So why not try searching for apartment friendly/low impact workouts on YouTube and follow along.

Use what you’ve got:

If you can get hold of a resistance band or dumbbell that is great. However, for those times you are without or can not afford it try experimenting with what you have in the house. Baked bean tins, empty bottles refilled with water and bags of rice are perfect. Just make sure the weight is equal if you are using one for each hand. If not, do one set per side then switch!

Slow & steady wins the race

Just because you are not sprinting around or flying through a round of burpees does not mean you are not improving your fitness. Slowing down and performing your movements, encouraging mind muscle connection, and really squeezing is sometimes much more beneficial. Plus, you will be sure to sweat. Perfect exercises to try this technique include glute bridges, lateral raises (use tins if you don’t have any weights) and wall sits.

Switch it up:

Use a chair for arm dips and a bed for incline press ups. Try using a timer if you are only used to counting reps: 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. If you have a tea towel at hand, try searching on YouTube for some fun workouts you can do with the resistance created. Moving your body is meant to be fun and this is sometimes why a workout program will not work if it is repetitive.

Side note: take extra care if using furniture, nobody wants to step up onto an Ikea coffee table and go crashing through it.

And always remember to:

  • Stretch out before and after a workout.

  • Utilise free workout accounts on YouTube - favourites are MadFit and Pamela Reif.

  • Consider signing up for a society. Kent’s yoga memberships are only £9 for students and then £1 per class you attend.

  • Walking is your best friend: start listening to podcasts or get your coffee from somewhere further for a change.

If you try out any of our handy tips, be sure to let us know via our Instagram - @inquirekent.

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