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The biggest question this autumn has been whether to Halloween or, not to Halloween. Whilst to many people, this may seem the least of their worries, to students it’s something to look forward to and break up this testing academic year. Halloween parties and club nights are definitely off the cards, and so this guide outlines some pretty cheap and simple ways to get into the spooky season, under these strange circumstances.

Creepy Cocktails

A safe and easy way to celebrate is to host your housemates a creepy cocktail evening! So long as you’re not bringing anyone into your bubble of 6, everyone can get involved in the fun. Here are a few great ones listed below.

Witches Heart

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You’ll need:

1tsp of grenadine 1 shot of apple or vanilla vodka

2 shots of blackberry liqueur

Top up with lemonade


Add the grenadine to the bottom of the glass to create a bleeding effect when the other liquids are added on top. Add a few skewered berries to the top to garnish.

Vampires Kiss

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You’ll need:

1 shot of vodka

1 shot of raspberry liqueur

Prosecco to top up (or lemonade can be added for lower alcohol percentage)


This one needs to be shaken with ice, so get your 007 martini shakers out and try not to drench your kitchens! Add the prosecco or lemonade after the spirits have been shaken and pour into a glass of your choice. You can always coat the rim of the glass with red sugar if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Final tips:

For an extra Halloween twist, you could add crushed dry ice to the bottom of any glass before pouring your chosen cocktail on top. This adds a smoky, bubbly effect and really adds to the festive vibe!

Additionally, you could add edible shimmer to any of the chosen cocktails, and is a cheaper alternative to adding dry ice.

Movie Night

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Movie nights are a student favourite anytime of the year, but with plenty of horror films to get through, why not make an event of it by playing a few spooky drinking games and getting in the themed snacks. This would also be a great opportunity to carve a pumpkin. Pumpkins can be picked up either at your local supermarket or you can pick your own at farms across Canterbury!

Drinking games

This is an easy one with no set up require. All you have to do is pick a movie and set some ground rules. Some great movie drinking opportunities are listed below.

  • ‘Annabelle Creation’, in which you drink after every jump scare (and trust me there’s plenty!).

  • ‘The First Purge’, with drinking every time there’s a death (there’s over 150 of them in the 1 hour 52-minute film!).

Alternatively, you could set some generic ground rules based on common horror movie cliches, and put on a horror classic like ‘Scream’ or ‘Halloween’. Some are listed below to get you started, and then add as many as you like;

  • 1 sip every time a phone rings or car doesn’t start.

  • 1 sip every time there’s a scream or gasp.

  • 2 sips every time someone says “wait here, I will be back” or suggests the group splits up.

  • 3 sips for an unnecessary sex scene.

  • 3 sips when the victim trying to escape trips or falls.

  • 3 sips for a death.

Safe events around Canterbury this Halloween

If you’re sick to death of staring at the same four walls, and desperate for a change of scenery, then there are a few covid-friendly events to attend this autumn.

The Canterbury Ghost Tours

(Image courtesy of Canterbury Ghost Tours)

The Canterbury Ghost Tours are still operating over the Halloween period and are a brilliant option for the current restrictions in place. John Hippisley is an award-winning Ghost Hunter, author and historian and will take you on a 90-minute spooky tour around the city centre. Discover what tragedy happened to a mother and her child in a local tearoom, and why you should never mess with a Ouija board.

Concessions ticket - £8.50

Check the website for more information and to book a slot: https://www.thecanterburytours.com/

The Venue – ScareMaze

Our very own campus nightclub, The Venue, is running a scare maze for the first year ever. Its covid-secure, you get to see parts of Venue you never have before, and tickets are only £5!

There are 4 rooms, and 6 additional scare areas to explore, so grab your tickets quick using the link below.


If you try out any of our Halloween ideas let us know via our Instagram @inquirekent.

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