UEC meeting 2020: By-law change giving members new proposal powers passes

Image courtesy of: Cassandra Barnard

A new amendment to a union by-law has been passed in the Kent Union Executive committee (UEC), which will affect the way Student Union members can propose new policies.

The amendment was proposed by Kent Union President Josh Frost and allows UEC members to directly propose policies at committee meetings.

President Josh Frost said: “It’s comforting to know that fellow members of the UEC agree that those that are democratically elected should be determining the policy of our Union.

“What I hope to see as a result of this amendment passing is UEC members playing an active role and genuinely changing the issues they are passionate about.”

The Union Executive Committee includes all full-time officers, all network chairs, and several permanent members from undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The majority of its members were elected in the network chair elections several weeks ago.

Previously, anyone wishing to propose a policy for the UEC had to do it through the University's online ideas form, ChangeIt.

Now, however, members of the Union's highest student committee can make proposals directly to the meeting without going through ChangeIt.

Those who want to submit a policy must have the support of one-third of the Union Executive members.

If UEC members want to make, repeal or amend a by-law, they must have the support of at least two Executive Committee members.

Within the proposal, the were various reasons why this amendment was proposed.

The amendment paper states: “The current power of the UEC does not go far enough.

“To be a truly democratic institution, we must allow the members of our structures the ability to control its policy.

“Therefore, the amendment to the bye-law seen below acts to deliver the UEC the powers required to make a tangible impact on the affairs of Kent Union.

“Through the empowerment of this Committee, it is hoped that Kent Union can truly be student-led.”

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