Among Us: Trust is put to the test in this delightful online game

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As the world slowly makes its return to normalcy (with varying degrees of precautions in place), the gaming industry has certainly picked up even more clientele. With games like Psych and even Zoom online quizzes now an old craze that kept many of us socially distancing, a new app has come out of the woodwork to carry that torch, allowing players to enjoy themselves with friends, but in the safe confines of their home: Among Us.

For those who spent the last month hiding under a rock and haven’t heard of this addictive game, Among Us is more or less a murder mystery, with little colourful minion-like-astronauts . Up to three players can be ‘the imposter’ (depending on how large your group is), whose goal is to kill the rest of your team who play as crewmates, navigating a ship and completing tasks.

It is not as simple as it sounds, though. There is an emergency button, which players can press only a set amount of times each round to make an announcement. Some tasks take longer than others too, which leaves crewmates fearfully watching over their shoulder. When an imposter kills a crewmate, a player may find the body, and report it. This leads to a meeting between the players to discuss who they think the imposter is. Players then have a limited amount of time each meeting to decide who the imposter is, and whoever gets the most votes, is ejected.

Whether you’re a gamer or not, Among Us can be, and practically is, played by all. Having recently taken on a full-time job as a teaching assistant, I’ll sit at the back of an ICT lesson and see students watching YouTube videos of Among Us gameplays or playing with one another online.

Young or old, the game has gone global. I have played it with my flatmates, friends, and even strangers from all around the world. And, honestly, it has become an obsession! Every night, when bored, my flatmates will turn to one another and say, “Among Us?”. Two hours later, we’ve spent the whole evening interacting on our phones while sat next to each other. Even in regular conversations, someone will always respond “that’s a bit sus” if anyone says something remotely strange.

If you do find yourself hooked, don’t forget to have a break from playing every once in a while. Better to give your eyes a rest. A piece of advice I will give to anyone who intends on playing Among Us after reading this article: don’t trust anyone! And if you’re still not convinced to play, well… you’re a bit sus.

Among Us is available to play for free on iPhone or Android, and for £3.99 on PC via Steam.

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