Keeping busy in lockdown

(Image courtesy of Unsplash)

By now, the second lockdown is well under way, and many of us students have opted to remain in our University accommodation. For some of us deadlines have come and gone, and so the 2nd of December may feel like a long time coming. With this in mind, I wanted to explore a few different options for keeping busy and filling each day with fun.

Christmas is Coming

With the remainder of the year flying past us, it won’t be too long until we’re heading home for Christmas, and whilst we may still be a little unsure of what that will it look like this year, it is still the perfect time to spread some festive cheer!

Whilst only essential shops currently remain open in our high street, this free time is perfect to plan what we are giving our loved ones this Christmas. It will also help you to be more efficient once lockdown lifts and grab those presents with no last-minute stress.

Although many people may be adamant that they can’t decorate for Christmas until December actually starts, I feel 2020 is the year to alter tradition. Many shops already have adorned their windows with their Christmas stock, with lots on offer on a student budget. However, if you want to save some money and are feeling a little creative, why not make your own decorations? Check out the two links below for tips on creating paper Christmas trees and hanging snowflakes!

Learn a New Skill

If your fed up of focusing just on your studies and want to broaden your mind to different areas, then Future Learn is the website for you! With a plethora of different academic and informal courses run by different Universities and establishments across the world, you can really open yourself up to learning something new and exciting. Another bonus is that the courses are free to sign up to!

This time also allows you to experiment and try something different – learn a new language, cook from a recipe you’ve never tried before or research an area of the world you’d love to visit. Whilst we may not be able to physically leave our houses, it doesn’t mean we are limited in exploring.

Movie Marathons

As we enter the winter months, the nights are drawing in. With it getting darker and colder earlier and being in the UK the rain is a given, it’s a great idea to snuggle up with a cup of something hot and stick the TV on. This is also a good activity to do with your housemates, bringing you closer together in this difficult time. All choose a film each and watch them over consecutive days or choose a series of films to watch, Harry Potter is always a great go to! You can even turn your favourite film into a drinking game if you want to spice things up! Making sure you have this time of an evening as a house can really help everyone, especially those feeling a little overwhelmed with work as it gives them time to relax and switch off.

Cocktail Classes

There are plenty of classes out there that you can join online (beware some may cost!). However, a lot of cocktails are very easy to make, especially if you pick up a cheap kit or shaker online. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to make some of the all-time favourites on a student budget too! Get your house involved and all choose a cocktail each to try each-others’ favourites and bond over a boozy evening.

Check out the links below to see some simple recipes, and some of our favourites from a previous Inquire article!

Relax with a Good Read

As the days may seem like they’re dragging a little, why not delve into a world of imagination through a good book? Due to the nature of this lockdown, the campus library has remained open giving us access to many different types of books!

Alternatively, have a google of the current best seller lists online, and with Amazon Prime, you could have a new adventure arrive on your doorstep the very next day. Also, in Canterbury High Street WH Smiths is still open, so head on upstairs to see what books they have on offer. From a range of autobiographies to historical fiction, there is something for everyone. Book shopping also provides the perfect excuse to get out of the house and have a wander round town too.

Drinking Games

Just because the pubs are closed doesn’t mean we can’t bring the party home! Grab a bottle of your favourite beverage and get together as a house to enjoy an evening of drinking games. With many to choose from such as Ring of Fire, F**k the Dealer, Never Have I Ever, Paranoia, etc, you can get your night started in no time.

For those of you who don’t necessarily drink alcohol, this doesn’t matter! You can turn the evening into a general games night, you’ll be surprised with what you can do with a simple pack of cards. From Go Fish to Rummy, there will be something for everyone to get involved in!

If you try any of the suggestions above, or have any ideas of your own, please let us know in the comments or on our Instagram page.