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2nd March 2021

By Henrietta Subuola Makinde

It’s no secret that after tuning into our Prime Minister’s ‘one-way road to freedom’ speech, we’ve all gone from stockpiling toilet roll, to outfits. With April 12th possibly marking the opening of hotels and outdoor hospitality; and June 21st potentially marking the massively anticipated demise of all forms of social distancing, it’s understandable if you’re frantically seeking out trendy inspiration for Spring and Summer fits... D Day is coming, and here’s how you can be ready.


Much like the end of the Spanish flu pandemic in 1920, the end of social distancing will (hopefully) symbolise the dawning of a new era... The roaring twenties 2.0? This Spring, the bold and beautiful is in, we’ve all been cooped up in our uni accommodations for far too long, so the general consensus we will see is a kind of collective extravagance during SS21, kind of mirroring the same glitz and glam the 1920s are hugely popular for. Whether that be a statement sequin cami dressed down with a white mini skirt, or a simple diamante chain belt worn around the hips, I definitely see sparkles in our future!

(Image courtesy of Shopwithmaxx via Etsy)

Psychedelic prints:

Despite COVID, the general zeitgeist of this generation has very much been focused on individuality and freedom of expression. This explains the rising trend of experimenting with bold patterns. During Lockdown 1, around May - August 2020, we all saw the rapid rise and fall of tie-dye, which acted as a taster of what is to come. Particularly, I envision a warped checkerboard print replacing its semi-popular traditional cousin. These Vans are the perfect example of the fun ways that we can play around with more traditional, and often played-out prints. Pair them with this bold print denim co-ord this Spring, and you’ve got something special!

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Colourful prints:

Checkerboard aside, when looking at patterns and prints, we simply CANNOT ignore the monochromatic animal prints. At the moment, they are pretty lukewarm, but these prints will definitely begin to heat up alongside the weather. I see these going absolutely wild (pun intended) this Summer. Cow, Zebra and White Tiger lovers, now is your time to shine! You can’t go wrong with a good pair of statement cow print trousers. But for fashion lovers looking to make a more subtle statement, this amazing Etsy store specialises in animal print earrings for under £10!! These can be paired with a pastel or white summer dress.

(Image courtesy of JadedLDN)

(Image courtesy of VioletEllaRoseGB via Etsy)

Y2K (noughties) fashion:

When thinking of Y2K, a lot of the time it is the opposite of all we have known for the past decade. Trade ultra-skinny, high-waisted jeans, for a more relaxed, low to mid-rise fit. Trade ‘millennial pink’ for a more retro, bright, iridescent pink. Swap out your mini-skirt with an even mini-er skirt. It’s out with the old, and in with the… old? Although the return of the iconic fashion staples of the late 90’s and early 2000’s has been buzzing for a while, I do not see this trend dying out any time soon! With the Y2K fashion movement, it is all about the itty bitty pieces of clothing, which is perfect for summer! Brands from the early 2000s such as Juicy Couture and Von Dutch are beginning to regain their popularity, and I can definitely see why... Juicy just dropped their SS21 collection, and it’s safe to say, they are not holding back on the skimp! These powder blue short shorts are perfect for a sunny picnic day at the park.

(Image courtesy of Juicy Couture)

Another huge part of Y2K fashion is accentuating the hips, which is where the sudden switch to mid and low rise bottoms has come from. The more adventurous people may even take things a bit further and go for a slight hip cutout. This ‘I Am Gia’ full denim set perfectly embodies the Y2K trend, and is very much giving Destiny’s Child circa 2003 vibes!

If you’ve got any personal Spring or Summer favourites, be sure to get in touch via our Instagram page @Inquirekent

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