Aisha Dosanjh takes over as Union President early

Alejandro Javierre 23 March 2021

President-elect Aisha Dosanjh has been raised to the position of President a term early following the resignation of Josh Frost.

Mr Frost, who announced his resignation due to personal reasons in a post to the Union website, has stepped down effective from the 22nd March, with no expected changes to other officer positions.

Josh said: “I’ll be sad to not see my role out until the end of the year, but I’m confident that I leave knowing I’ve delivered on the things that students really need.

“Thank you to students and colleagues for all the support during the year.”

Favour Salami, the incoming Vice-President for Welfare and Community, won't be taking up her role until July, with Aisha managing her commitments to both roles until the new sabbatical officers take over.

About the change, Aisha said: “I’m excited to deliver on some really key projects and to continue representing students in the role.

“This term the officer team has been prioritizing the things that most affect our members, our community, and the student experience.”

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