Fashion focus series: How to style mom jeans

23rd January 2021

By Grace Bishop

(Image courtesy of Unsplash)

Comfy and flattering. What more could you want in a pair of jeans? The revamped popularity of this 90s style adds a sense of familiarity to our new wardrobe.

Jeans have and will always remain an essential asset to our everyday attire. Whether in a beer garden or slouched in front of the TV, they’re perfect to dress up or down for every occasion.

Maybe I’ve been watching too many episodes of Friends whilst in lockdown but I’ve always been obsessed with the 90’s style of lip gloss and scrunchies, so to pair it with a staple pair of mom jeans seems nostalgic.

With a range of styles, colours and rips, there is a pair of mom jeans that fits perfectly all year around and I think it’s safe to say, mom jeans belong in every season…


As the leaves begin to fall, there is a sense of sorrow in preparation for the frosty temperatures. However autumn styles remain heavily favoured with the in-season colours and comfier outfits.

Try adding an oversized blazer for a level of sophistication and timeless elegance. For an autumnal look, try incorporating the surrounding colours… neutral, tan and browns work well.

Pair this with a basic tee and trainers for a dressed down casual look. However, if your aiming for something a little more glam… Chelsea boots are always the answer.


As the days shorten and the temperature drops, you’ll need something to keep you toasty whilst you grab a morning coffee.

A knitted jumper will forever remain the cosy and chic choice. With a vibrancy of colours, you can turn a drab Monday morning into something that will make heads turn. Who wouldn’t want to be comfy and chic at the same time?

Pair this with some white trainers or boots to complete the look. Freshen your denim look by cuffing your jean hem. A Perfect ensemble to rock on the way to lectures.


Once the daffodils start to bloom, you’ll want to switch in your jumpers for something a little less bulky.

A longline cardigan is the perfect solution. Pair this with a basic bodysuit for a casual everyday look. Whether you’re working from home or out and about, this simple combination adds a stylish touch.

Not only is this the perfect attire for lounging around, but also fits well for a zoom meeting.

However, if a homely outfit is not on your wish list, then freshen up your day with a milkmaid blouse and some pumps. Not only does this scream elegance in pub gardens, it exhibits a simple but eternal class.


With summer around the corner and plans eager to happen, a chic outfit is essential for that candid Insta photo.

Add a fresh and summery twist with some strappy heels. Try tucking a cami top into your mom jeans for a flattering finish. Never forget the power of a statement belt.

Pair this with some strappy heels, a fitting 90’s style handbag and enjoy your night of bubbles.

When the wind turns chilly, a classic aviator jacket is perfect to keep you warm, or why not go full on Rachel Green, and grab your denim jacket!

Let us know what you think in the comment section or hit us up with your styling solutions to the everyday wardrobe staple!