Good comfort food on a lazy day - Reviewing The Grill Guys, Canterbury

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27th January 2021

By Timea Koppandi

Everybody has those days, where even your inner cook wants a nap (much like you). If you can relate, ditch the stove-top for a day and call the Grill Guys: a fresh-on-the-grill restaurant in Canterbury - bringing you fresh and meaty delights right at your doorstep.

Having found their pamphlet in the mailbox, I couldn’t stop myself. The pamphlet didn’t flood me with options, and a simple, one page menu was an easy read. I ordered the Smoked beef brisket sandwich and the cheeseburger, both of which came with a small portion of chips. Deliveries were contactless - which is always a bonus.

Both, the brisket and the cheeseburger had all the ingredients of a satisfying meat-sandwich: succulent meat, a well-toasted bread, and a nice helping of sauce that coats each bite. While the brisket was a bit more substantial in terms of its salad, the cheeseburger’s two burger patties masked everything else, making me crave some crispier lettuce towards the end. But, the unexpected star of these two dishes were the chips. Well-seasoned, packed with loads of flavour and great crispiness on the outside whilst the inside was soft. My only regret was that I didn’t receive more of them! My favourite was the smoked beef brisket, simply because I really enjoyed the cooking of the beef and the flavourful crusty bread. I think a bit more sauce would have completed the sandwich perfectly. I enjoyed the freshness of the lettuce and the red peppers within the sandwich. The cheeseburger was delicious. The patty was rich in flavour, very juicy and well-seasoned. The burger was saucy and matched perfectly with the fries. I think a drink would have accompanied these two very well.

If you plan on having a chill day with tasty food and zero work, you can find The Grill Guys at and don’t forget to ask for a student discount!

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