Mum's the word! Celebrating Mothers' Day in lockdown

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11th March 2021

By Grace Bishop

As Mother’s Day inches closer and closer, many will be wondering how to celebrate this occasion during such unusual times. Whether or not you are able to see your family, mums deserve to be spoilt regardless of the circumstance. Mother’s Day remains an annual tradition having been recognised for several previous centuries, offering us the opportunity to repay their generosity. However, in the times of a pandemic many are forced to rethink ways of celebrating, whilst upholding health advice from the government.

Although some are lucky enough to spend this occasion with their families, others are not as fortunate - making this aspect of celebration increasingly more difficult…but not impossible.

With the emergence of Spring and the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions - there is definitely a reason to celebrate with a glass of bubbly.

If you can see your mum…

A picnic basking in the warm sun and bucket loads of prosecco amongst the daffodils is perfect. An afternoon to top up your tan and get some fresh air with those you love around you. Routine standard flowers and chocolates are a must! Nonetheless if the typical English weather lets you down (as it usually does), you can always prepare a luxurious breakfast in bed or a special brunch. Never ending supplies for mimosas are essential. (I wouldn’t bother with the orange juice, Champagne is better without… even if it is 10am). What are lockdowns for?

If all else fails, you cannot go wrong with a self-care day. Foot baths, manicures and facials can fill the living room and transform it into a serene spa experience. Never underestimate the power of a pamper - there is nothing that a pedicure can’t fix.

Once the sun sets, the evenings can be filled with games and movies. Board game tournaments with the family can get extremely competitive, but are always a great way to fill the time. (Remember it’s Mother’s Day… so you have to let her win even if she is terrible). Grab your popcorn and curl up to watch a movie of her choice - if you have to sit through The Notebook for the seventieth time, grin and bear it. Ryan Gosling is a blessing anyway!

If you can’t see your mum…

For those who aren’t as fortunate and are spending this occasion away from family, you are still able to celebrate with them - you just have to be creative.

Although repetitive zoom calls are becoming tedious after the third lockdown, FaceTiming your family is a great way to pop a bottle and catch up. Making the effort to dedicate half an hour to someone is the most valuable present your mum could receive - especially in lockdown. If you are thinking you can save money from not buying her flowers and a card, Moonpig gives you absolutely no excuses. This simple and cheap service can put such a smile on someone’s face. An absolute treat in lockdown.

If you are lucky enough to live in the local area then a socially distanced coffee at your local park is an easy way to celebrate. Sweeten the deal and bring some baked goods…lockdown calories don’t count!

Spoil your mum rotten, she deserves it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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