Our 2021 Spring/Summer fashion update: Picnic & pub garden edition

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14th April 2021

By Eleanor Richards

The easing of restrictions has provided us with a taste of freedom, allowing us to meet two households or a group of six outdoors. This, combined with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having recently means we can start to get excited about outdoor picnics and garden parties! These are guaranteed to be the events of the spring before pubs and restaurants begin to reopen outdoor picnics and parties will be the place to show off our new fits. This season is all about light and breezy clothing which can be easily dressed up or down, providing the perfect transition from picnic to party. Pastels, patterns and florals seem to be the colours to look out for. If you’re lacking inspiration do not fear! We have comprised a list of 5 of the best on trend outfits to help make your picnics and parties insta-worthy!

(Image courtesy of SHEIN)

The Milkmaid dress

Cottagecore aesthetic is everywhere this spring and summer and so our first look consists of the highly esteemed milkmaid dress. Pair with white trainers and sunglasses and you’re guaranteed to be rocking the cutest outfit at the park. Fashion a canvas or straw shoulder bag to carry all your picnic goodies! Milkmaid dresses are easy to dress up or down so you can go from lazy picnic to formal garden party in a flash. Kick on a pair of white heeled sandals and some elaborate jewellery to dress it up.

(Image courtesy of NastyGal)

The bandana

Bandana have been coming in and out of fashion trends for years. And no wonder! This practical piece of fabric helps to keep your hair in place whilst also looking extremely fashionable. Channel your inner Grace Kelly or Kendall Jenner as you place the scarf on you head and wrap around your neck. Alternatively, you could use it to tie your hair up, style it as a neckerchief, hairband, facemask or even create a top out of it. There is no doubt that this versatile item will be everywhere this spring and summer. The must-have accessory can be added to almost any outfit. We recommend pairing a vibrant patterned headscarf with a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans.

(Image courtesy of Zara)

Loose fitting shirt

This is one of the easiest trend to get on board with. Achieve the effortlessly cool look by throwing on this piece over a small vest and denim shorts or jeans. Keep the shirt buttons undone for the optimum beachy look. Alternatively, do the buttons up and tuck into jeans for a more formal occasion. These come in either linen or cotton so can take you from the park to the beach (even if this is in the UK!).

(Image courtesy of Zara)

Floral midi skirt

This is a trend we’ve seen a lot of for the past 2 years and it’s not going away any time soon. Let the skirt do the talking by pairing it with a neutral crop top and denim jacket. White trainers or sandals look great with this look, giving it a summery airy feel.

(Image courtesy of Shein)

Rectangular sunglasses

With all the outdoor socialising we’ll be doing this spring and summer we need to take extra care to protect our eyes and we may as well look stylish whilst doing it! Sunglasses are the finishing touch to any outfit and will make you look like you’ve got it all together (on the outside at least). Get your hands on some rectangular acrylic sunnies from SHEIN for under £5. Bonus points if you get them in a wacky colour!

With these 5 items you’re guaranteed to make an entrance at your next picnic or garden party. So let’s embrace spring/summer 2021 and look good whilst doing so!

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