Styling your bedroom décor to spice up lockdown

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26th February 2021

By Grace Bishop

With everyone stuck inside, the notion of reinvention dawns upon us in hopes of achieving something productive this lockdown. We’ve already shown you how to spruce up the common areas of your uni house, but let’s do some much-needed self-care and focus on the bedroom. The cliche ‘out with the old and in with the new’ inspires a new chapter in our surroundings and a much-needed update from that faded One Direction poster, to something a little more sophisticated. Maybe I just get too excited with the thought of an IKEA day trip (for some reason other than the meatballs!) but the renewal of a bedroom can transform a dumping ground to an elegant and cosy hideout. With students having never spent this much time inside, why not freshen your tastes up and design your space into something welcoming without losing your deposit. With minimalism being highly favoured at the moment, a simplistic alteration can go a long way. Focus on staple aspects and upcycle them into something chic!


With sleep being my favourite hobby, a comfortable bed is an absolute must! When designing your decoration, colour schemes are vital. Chose fewer than three colours which compliment one another and tailor your accessories around them. For a classy finish, neutral tones work well for bedding, however if you aim for a bolder look incorporate vibrant colours around to channel an 80s vibe. Pair this with several cushions and a faux fur bed throw to complete the look. Who said style and comfort don’t go hand in hand?


Being a uni student means that you occasionally need some space for assignments and work, but this doesn’t prevent a simple but effective finish. An old mason jar would work perfectly as a pen pot, try adding a cushion to your desk chair for those long hours on zoom. Other than that, we need all the desk space we can get!


Although cushions and candles are great accessories, the pivotal aspect of any homely room is the lighting. And luckily lighting remains extremely dependent on personal preference. Many desk lamps are uninteresting and mundane, however if you branch away from this and lean towards a table lamp it immediately transforms the room into a domain of style. If you desire something a little less practical and more glamorous, then fairy lights will always be the best choice. For cosy movie nights in they remain an essential, so grab your popcorn and drape them around for a subtle effect. Finding perfect lighting is always a necessity for those pre drink Instagram selfies.


Typically, uni rooms have always been on the small side, so space is crucial in achieving a minimalist bedroom. This is challenging when unpacking hundreds of suitcases filled with clothes; a girl can never have too many, right? Try to incorporate lighter tones when designing your room to make it appear bigger than it is. Whites, tans, and beiges work well to open to the room up. Tip: The space under your bed is a great way to hide your suitcase in plain sight without wasting essential wardrobe space!


Once a colour scheme and lighting has been decided, you’ve arrived at the fun part of decorating. For a personal touch, include photos of loved ones around. Since blue tack is a taboo subject with landlords, framed photos work just as effectively and attain a mature elegance. Never underestimate the power of a staple mirror. You can pick these up cheaply in places like Homesense or Dunelm!

For empty spaces around the bedroom, candles, diffusers and potted plants add refinement and a perfumed fragrance, for a fresher atmosphere.

Pinterest boards are a great starting point…have fun and feel free to share your beautified uni rooms with us on Instagram @inquirekent!

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