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14th April 2021

By Abbey Bryant

(Image courtesy of Unsplash)

With little ability to find enjoyment in the mundane, everyday life of online university, I often find that ordering an excessive amount of loungewear has become my new favourite past time. Aside from completing my university reading of course…

Comfort is key, and let’s be honest, we all deserve to feel comfortable at the moment. Lockdown has been the perfect excuse to order a bundle of super comfy, lazy outfits. Admittedly, I have spent way too much money on gym leggings and tracksuits with no intention of completing any workouts…

Lazy lockdown loungewear has become a staple in my wardrobe over the last year. I have always enjoyed changing into my joggers at any opportunity, so much so, it now feels weird to wear jeans?

Maybe I have become used to making minimal effort? No makeup, joggers and hair tied up in a bun most days. With little excitement and reason to dress up, ordering endless amounts of clothes has become the new norm.

Since Topshop has been bought by ASOS, we decided to have a browse of the selection of Topshop pieces on the website and show you the best pieces. Whether you’re watching your favourite comfort TV show on Netflix, or you just feel like splurging your student loan, these pieces are a must have during lockdown!

(Image courtesy of ASOS)

Dressing up to stay in

Staying in has been the new going out this past year. Dressing up for the living room or a pub garden before clubs reopen has been an incredible high during these unprecedented times.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and for my housemates and I, this has been dressing up to party in the living room. Swapping out of our joggers to normal clothes has been a pleasant change. Who would have ever thought it would feel strange to wear jeans or put a bit of makeup on?

Black leather leggings paired with a neutral bodysuit – the perfect, trendy outfit for an evening of dressing up for the living room or a pub garden if you want to brave the cold!

A simple, but equally, a statement outfit. Topshop provides these staples for us students who want to maximise our efforts during lockdown.

Paired with black chunky boots during the winter, but equally as effective paired with chunky trainers in the spring. A seasonal success!

The neutral bodysuit flattering our complexion all year round. This effortless piece comes to life when paired with gold jewellery – small, hooped earrings and a pendant necklace brighten up the bodysuit. The addition of jewellery adds glamour to the mundane pieces we have been so used to wearing.

(Image courtesy of ASOS)

Walk attire:

Let us put our indulgence on the Topshop website to some good use and get some inspiration for the scheduled ‘daily walk’ has become the highlight of many peoples’ days.

The opportunity to dress up in loungewear and venture outside of my home’s four walls has presented itself as an exciting adventure. Co-ords and tracksuits have been the way forward for lazy lockdown attire. The over-sized hoodies paired with the flattering ruched detail of the jogging bottoms provide the perfect outfit combination for daily walks.

The pastel, warm tone of the tracksuit can brighten our wardrobe, but most importantly, our spirits. As we transition into the summer months, brighter days and wider smiles it is only right our wardrobe does the same. The perfect excuse to revamp your wardrobe this season!

During these unprecedented times, a comfortable but equally flattering outfit can lift our spirits. The ribbed, wide leg style co-ord provides the perfect smart-casual outfit. Flattering on the legs but also possesses the ability to be dressed up. This provides the perfection transitional outfit as we flutter between lockdown attire and resuming to normal clothing like jeans!

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