University clarifies no detriment extended submissions and exam safety net

Tom Nice 5 March 2021

Image by: Tahmid Morshed

The University has released updated guidelines on no-detriment policies for students undertaking assignments this term.

Information on the no-detriment policy is largely unchanged, with clarifications on flexible submission periods and the exam safety net being added late last month, however the lack of a coursework safety net has caused controversy.

A 3rd year studying Forensic Science said: “The Uni is acting as though people have had ample time to adjust to circumstances but have not considered how difficult studying at home is for students.

“Once again, more fortunate students are given the advantage as the university has approached the situation from a very privileged viewpoint.”

With the flexible coursework submission period, all deadlines that fall between the 8th of February and the 16th of April will have their work marked without the need for a formal application.

The coursework safety net will not be returning from last year, with the university citing a lack of time spent outside of lockdown to measure student grades off.

In the email, Vice-Chancellor for Education Richard Reese said: “[The] Boards of Examiners already have powers to act to ensure there is no disadvantage to either individuals or groups of students.

“Boards consider individual performance as well as reviewing the performance of this year’s students against previous years.”

More details on exam information will be released later in the year.

A spokesperson for Kent Union said: “We know the emails that have gone out in the last couple of weeks have been disappointing and not offered much clarity on the no-detriment measures in place.

“It is reassuring that the University is using most of the same measures that were in place last year.

“However, there is more that the University needs to be doing, and we are pushing for them to support students as fully and as transparently as possible.”

They added: “In the meantime, we are working on guidance for what these measures mean and how it might affect students, and as always we will continue to challenge the University on the measures they chose to implement and how it is affecting students.”

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