Your VP for Welfare and Community candidates: Favour Salami

Alejandro Javierre 10 March 2021

Image by: Favour Salami

Favour Salami is a candidate running for Vice President for Welfare and Community.

Her campaign cites a focus on mental health, caution in Canterbury, and an experience within the JobShop system.

Another issue Favour has brought up during her campaign is taking a more personal approach to mental health.

She said: “No two students are the same — This needs to be acknowledged by the University and implemented.”

“Many students want to know that they are being cared for and not ‘wasting their time.’”

Alongside this, Favour has also stated that faith has been a large part of her campaign for Vice President.

“With the current climate of lockdown, it has been very challenging for societies of faith to practice their beliefs.”

“Many faith groups on campus have not been supported by the University to provide alternatives, apart from online platforms which defeats the purpose of ‘practicing faith.’”

She added: “As the University has a vast number of religions on campus, they should cater for it, especially in the midst of a global pandemic, some students of faith require, now more than ever, the ability to practice their faith, and to keep sane and focused.”

While none of these focuses translate into policy promises due to a lack of manifestoes for this year’s election, these are areas where Favour believes work could be done in the new year if students vote on it as a priority.

Finally, Favour highlighted the importance of on-campus opportunities such as JobShop as a route for students to find stable employment during and after their course.

“With the hopeful return to normality in the UK, places of work will be opening up and recruiting more and more graduates.”

“With the current JobShop on campus, this would be the most effective and efficient way of preparing students for the transition to the working world.”

“In addition, [with JobShop] the Union has successfully provided funding for students from different backgrounds and challenges.”

“I’m all for developing our students and earning extra on the side!”


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Favour has proven to hold a considerable passion in areas which may swing many voters. Students of faith proved to be a weighty topic in the welfare debates, with Favour likely coming off as the more passionate candidate in this area – and she is quick to promise swifter actions as a full-time officer. In the candidate welfare debates, Favour had shown herself be on the forefront of topics covered, including bringing up the idea of lighting around the Tyler Hill area – another common route into town that has been subject to scrutiny for a lack of safety at night. However, with the extent to which the student base has been disillusioned with big, potentially unachievable promises and an election cycle actively discouraging detailed policy ideas, it is difficult to ascertain how many of these issues Favour has proven her interest in will be reflected in the student voting priorities should she enter office.

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